Arron Crascall's humble rise from a small town bookie filming Snapchat and Vine videos on his iPhone to being recognized as one of the UK's most popular social media comedians hasn't been an easy one. But Arron seems to create a steady stream of public pranks, reaction videos, and zany characters with ease. Whether it be on Vine where he first rose to fame, his YouTube channel, or on his ever popular Facebook page with a fan base of over 3 Million followers, Arron is guaranteed to make you laugh. With never a dull moment, Arron's originality makes him stick out of the crowd.


"Arron has been a popular face on social media for over a year, having established himself as one of the UK’s top comedy talents on Vine.Arron has a unique style of public reaction driven video content that reaches out to his multitude of fans across numerous social media platforms.Having started off with character based comedy content, including Bad Doctor, Arron rose to fame on Vine by engaging the public in his comedy sketches to utilise their instantaneous reactions. These short videos rapidly grew in popularity and Arron now boasts a Vine following of over 400k followers and 270+ million views. On YouTube also, Arron has amassed views in the millions.


Arron continues to provide his much in demand comedy clips to his ever going fan base which stretches across all age groups. As a family man with two children, Arron’s comedy has mass appeal whether young or old.


The unique appeal of the self-proclaimed “idiot with a camera”, with his unforgettable catchphrases including 'See ya later', will see him continue to rise in popularity and cement his name as one of the UK’s best internet comedy stars."


Arron Crascall is managed by Becca Bar Management.